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I promised myself that in 2016 I would feature more fashion on my Blog.... however I will admit that am not fashion forward!  I probably own more black leggings than the average woman my age simply because I wear them everyday.. and I mean everyday.  I have all kinds, expensive, cheap, elastic waists, zipper waist, stirrups, unitards and capri's. I also have a bunch of leggings in other colors as well and in a lot of bright colors... pink, blue, turquoise, yellow, mauve, olive, navy green... you name it I probably have that color and some dating back to the late 90's.... you'll see!

I'm sure there's a trick to photographing ones-self at the perfect time when the sun is directly overhead where shadows won't be created.  I'm very modest when it comes to this so I will probably take all my photos in my tiny backyard amongst my huge garden of plants.....  re-potting plants is one of my favorite past times that brings me solitude.

 I'm thinking that I will probably need a better camera that has automatic focus for taking these kinds of photos outside.  I have these camera's here, I use my Canon t3i for indoors but I simply won't take it outside because I might hit the tripod causing it to fall... and then what would I photograph my makeup with! Currently i'm using the Sony Cyber-Shot for outdoors and for face closeups... but clearly it's not working for outdoors.
If you have any Camera suggestions... please let me know in the comments below! I'm in the market for a new one but it must have automatic focus for outdoors.

Well... as a makeup lover... I just had to include this....

Eyes:  Urban Decay Vice2 Palette, Mac Half Wild Paintpot, Mac Ash Violet Fluidline

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