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Gym Day Black & White  | Fitness Over 50
 Today was arm day in the gym so of course I have to have my arms exposed. It's best to give the muscles room to expand as the latic acid builds up and expands them. Just in case you didn't know, it's the latic acid that causes the muscles to grow..... a little something that I learned from my trainer @fitqueenofhearts on IG.
What I'm Wearing 

Gym Day Black & White  | Fitness Over 50
Button Down Sweater
A Black Front Button Sweater | Fitness Over 50
White Tank Top | Fitness Wear
White Tank Top from Xersion Fitness Wear
Capri Pants | Fitness Wear
Capri Pants from Xersion Fitness Wear
Racer- Back Bra Top | Fitness Wear
  Black Bra Top| Fitness Over 50
Nike High Tops | Athletic Shoes
Nike High Top Tennis Shoes

I've had these caps for awhile and I absolutely love them, you can find them here!
Baseball Rhinestone Hats

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