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Gym Hair & Makeup + Video #gymlife

Gym life is quickly becoming that #gymlife hashtag that I see many bodybuilders that I follow on Instagram using on their post. It's because everything about that person evolves around their #gymlife.  My wardrobe is 75% fitness wear and 25% other. My fitness wear is very fashionable and it's what I wear daily (Monday - Friday) because I spend 2hrs in the gym everyday.  I can go run all kinds of errands.... grocery shopping.... clothes shopping.., makeup shopping, etc. in my #gymlife clothes and not even miss a beat.

Beauty.... makeup in particular is also a part of my #gymlife.  I don't wear foundation but I do wear eye makeup and lip products everyday. It's something about looking in the mirrors while i'm working out to check my form and seeing my eyes glowing back at me. I look and feel alive and I feel attractive as well.  This is my everyday life and makeup is a part of that life and I would hate to not include it in my daily regimen. You are 100% how you feel and if that 100% means doing all the little things necessary on a day to day basis to make you feel that way... then i'm all for it!

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