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 Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
 I have a standing two month appt with my Plastic Surgeon during my first year of post-op surgery as part of my continuing therapy on my upper eyelids.  Not every Plastic Surgeon does this but Dr. Sadati is an awesome Doctor that really cares about his patient's well being.  On this appt, I was interested in seeing if Botox would lift the muscle on my right eye (ptosis eyelid) or droopy eyelid as some may call it. Since Botox is not permanent and I was also wanting to have my frown lines smoothed out, I though now was better than ever to try it. I bought 20 units of Botox, which was the minimum and at $10 a unit, I paid $200 dollars and received 8 shots.

In the video below, I showed you the exact placed where I received my shots and I talked more about what I've experienced so far.  At the time that I made the video, I was exactly 17 days out. The Botox doesn't really take effect until 10 days so I waited another 7 before I took the photos below and made the video.

My other concerns was a really small (tiny) bump that formed over the scar on my right eye. I wanted him to assess that as well.  In addition to my botox injections, I received another steroid injection into my scar and directly into the tiny bump. I should note that the tiny bump didn't go away which you can still clearly see in the video.... so i'll see as time passes if it goes away completely.
Above Photo - Left Eye
Above Photo - Right Eye (Ptosis eye)
Above Photo - Before Surgery/After Botox

I have come a long way from where I started before my Blepharoplasty surgery on April 27th, 2015. I started out weighing 151.5 at the time of surgery. I lost 15lbs of fat and it effected my face quite a bit. I had to start an aggressive skin care regimen to try and tighten the skin on my face which worked quite a bit but I still had some sagging around my eyes again.  I knew that I wanted to try Botox to see if that would help... which it has. My eyes feel a little heavy from the Botox and i'm hoping that will change.  As far as my weight, I put back on about 5lbs of muscle, and my current weight is 141.5 If you are interested in following my fitness journey... click on the fitness tab above!

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