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Exiting 2015 With Great Intentions for 2016
Taking cell phone pics at the gym is never fun but I must say that I'm exiting 2015 in the best shape that I've been in all year.  I feel great, I'm stronger than ever (though sore as hell) and I'm actually squeezing back into my size 4 jeans.  My fitness journey hasn't been easy but I have a program that I've adapted to and I actually look forward to working out.  I'm in the gym 5 days a week for about 2 hrs at a time.  Tues and Thurs are cardio & upper body days, while Mon, Wed & Fri are lower body days. If you look closely right above my boobs, you might see a little plastic peeping out.... yep on cardio days i'm wrapped with Albolene and Saran Wrap and i'm wearing my waist trainer.  If you want to read more on how I wrap my body... just look to the right of this Blog in the "Popular Post" list and you'll see that little pic with the albolene and waist trainer... it's my #1 post with more than 25K views in counting.  I also have a YT video in the post showing you exactly how I wrap my body.... it too has over 100K views.

Exiting 2015 With Great Intentions for 2016

I'm not wearing any makeup except for eyebrow pencil and mascara and I think I look damm good! I've been on a really aggressive skin care regimen because of the 10+lbs that I lost... half of that was in my face and it almost fell to the floor! Needless to say, all the stuff i'm doing looks like it's paying off.  Normally I'm wearing a short sleeve blouse over my tank but I took it off for the photo. You know how all these waist trainers push the boobs up to the throat.... lawd knows I can't walk around the gym with all those young tenders looking like that!

Exiting 2015 With Great Intentions for 2016

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