Beauty ~ My Thoughts on the #marcbeauty Remarcable Full Coverage Foundations Lacking Shades for Women of Color

Marc Jacobs Remarcable Full Coverage Foundation

When I first saw the thread on the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Full Coverage Foundation in one of the makeup groups that I belong to on FB, I initially took the stance of feeling omitted and neglected by yet another high-end makeup line.  I was feeling like so many of the others in the group that felt left out and a little bit hurt that out of 22 shades, there were only 3 for us to select from.

I am not a foundation junkie but I do have several foundation shades from a few high-end designer brands. I have Chanel (which they've discontinued my shade), Armani, Dior & Guerlain.  I will admit that I have more mid-range foundations from brands such as Mac, Nars, EL, MUFE, UD, FF, Lorac & Lancome simply because these brands carry a larger selection for women of color. However I will admit that I do not own any drug store foundations.

Well... as I started reading what the others wrote about the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Full Coverage Foundation, I remembered something that I read about 10yrs ago from a makeup artist in Essence Mag, she said that makeup oxidizes after a period of time and should be used up within 4 months. That had me thinking about all the makeup sitting on the shelves at the department stores and eventually oxidizing.....  so I was compelled to post my thoughts and here's what I posted in the thread, I took a screenshot of the page:

Marc Jacobs Remarcable Full Coverage Foundation

I just wanted to share my thoughts here on my beauty blog to a wider audience because I stand by what I wrote. Having been a makeup lover for a long while (i'm 56) and especially loving high-end skin care and beauty products, there will be many more instances where companies decide not to manufacture products for women of color because they just can't justify the numbers needed for production. I would love to hear your thoughts... agree or disagree?

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