Lookbook ~ My Week in Instagram 11/7/15

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Some of the makeup i've been playing with this week.  I think people get confused when I tell them that I spend 2hrs in the gym everyday working out.  I think they expect me to not wear any makeup and go barefaced.  Well... I always dress my eyes, I don't have any eyebrows so I always have to pencil and contour them in also.  I wear eyeshadow eyeliner, mascara and individual eyelashes, about 4 on the corners of each eye everyday.  I paid $3200 for upper eyelid surgery and i'm going to wear eye makeup until the day I leave this planet.  I don't really wear my wigs to the gym and that's why most of my looks are without them, I also don't really sweat while i'm lifting weights so I can get away without foundation as well. Since I do all my cardio outdoors and not in the gym, I usually can go run errands after my workout and just add a little mineral powder to touch up.

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