November 20, 2015

Fitness | How To Get Past a Plateau when you're Stuck

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting

I'm really late posting these pics here on my Blog but never late than never! So as you can see i've been moving a little fat from my upper body and not as much as I would like from my lower.  I am pleased with the weight loss so far, but remember that I am weight lifting so what I'm trying to do is build muscle and burn fat at the same time.  Some people do it the opposite way, they lose about 25lbs first then start the weightlifting process. 

Watch the three minute video below to find out how to move past your plateau!

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting
 Well if you've been following my journey since I first begin back in August (if not just click on the Fitness tab) you'll see that the most that I could lose was 10lbs and that was on my 30 day sugar detox program.  So I hired a personal fitness trainer for the month of September and learned how to lift weights properly.  Lifting weights properly is imperative because when you're over 50 it's easy to throw something out of socket or tear a muscle.... and I didn't want that to happen.  So I started lifting light, now I've moved into the medium level.

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting

For the upper, I went from using 10lbs for bicep & tricep curls into using 20lbs.  For the lower I went from using 35lb plates for squating and leg press to using the 45lb plates. I've increased the weights in all areas, back, shoulders... etc. and it feels really good.  Now, with heavier weight lifting, i'm actually eating more so that I can sustain the muscle that i'm putting on.  I've been tested at 34% body fat back in Sept but I don't want to get tested again until Dec 1st, i'm hoping to be around 30%... if I was below that I would be incredibly happy!  What are my goals you ask.... well, they say that you have to secretly train as if you're going into competition and even though I have no plans yet... who knows!

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting

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