Beauty ~ My Current Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen + Video

Anti-Aging Skin Care

My love for Asian skin care products hasn't changed in 20yrs.  I've always felt that their formulations were geared more towards Ethnic skin tones more-so than European and American skin care products. The last time I've written a blog post about my skin care regimen was in 2011.  Back then I just uploaded a video showing all the products and giving little details about each.  Fast forward to 2015, I've given myself a little rope and have added a few Serums (non Asian) to my daily skin care regimen.   I've found that each of these Serums were highly necessary and effective to surviving the #anti-aging process.  Below I've written some highlight on these products I'm currently using, click the titles for direct links to purchase any of them.

The video explains the process of skin care regimen along with up close view of all the items listed here.

I've been using this cleansing cream foam for over 10yrs also.  A little goes a long way and one tube can last up to 6mos.  I love how my skin feels very soft and silky.  I wouldn't change cleansers even if someone paid me.  I take my cleansing routine very seriously because I know that cleansing is the first step to beautiful healthy skin.  I also use my Clarisonic faithfully with this cleanser. I feel the two work together effortlessly to keep my skin free of any makeup residue.

This is my everyday night cream during the winter months.  I love how it keeps my skin soft and hydrated when the weather's very cold and dry out. I live in a warm climate but I still need the extra moisture during winter.  Aging skin needs that extra layer of moisture just to keep it soft and subtle and to prevent permanent lines and wrinkles for forming.

This is the only moisturizer that I use on my skin in the mornings.  I apply this directly over the Super Corrective Serum.  I wait 60 seconds before applying the moisturizer and then apply a primer and then foundation if i'm using one that day.  Some days I only use concealer and powder.  I'm retired and I don't find the need to wear foundation everyday.  This moisturizer sure does control any oils that seems to want to penetrate through the surface.  As I've gotten older, I don't have very oily skin. I may see some oils during the hot summer months but I just contribute that to hot flashes now.

This is my alternate night cream that I use when i'm not using the Super Revitalizing Cream.  I find that this gel provides a very soft luxurious feel and hydrates my skin throughout the night.  I don't think a lot of people use this at night, it seems to be more for daytime use.  If i'm not having any serious issues with my skin, I just feel like need something light and airy just for hydrating and softening.
Elite Serum Rx w/Hyaluronic Acid by Skin Pro  / $85.00
($50  for automatic shipping every 45 days)
I've been using Elite Serum Rx for almost 2yrs now to prevent the fine lines and wrinkles from developing around my eyes, mouth, forehead  and chin areas. Initially I was asked to review the product by the PR team at Skin Pro.  After I researched the active ingredient hyaluronic acid and read some great things about it, it was definitely something I wanted to try. I was pleasantly surprised at my results after using the product for only one month,  I continued to re-order it and this Serum has been a staple in my skin care regimen ever since.  Click here to read my full review dated Nov 2013 and check out my before & after photos.

I’ve been using this serum for about 10yrs now.  I use it in the mornings on a clean face and underneath my oil free moisturizer. This serum closes up all my pores and provides a smooth layer over my skin making it feel like silk.  It immediately tightens and smooths out any fine lines in my skin,  The way to use this serum is to let it sit and tighten for about 2 minutes before applying any other products.  This allows it to act as a barrier so that everything else used can glide on effortlessly.

I have been using some form of vitamin C oils for about 4yrs now.  I initially would buy it from the health food store until I noticed how my skin was glowing.  I started researching vitamin C serums and came across a Blog review of this one. I proceeded to find it on Sephora and read all the reviews there but I was hesitant to purchase it because it's quite expensive. I finally caved in and purchased it at the beginning of the year and have been using it ever since.  It's a wonderful product to have and use along with your hyaluronic acids and other items.  I only use this product at night. I mix it with my Tretinin and Ultraquin then apply to my face and neck area.  I feel they all work together to provide my skin with the maximum anti-aging benefits for healthy glowing skin.

I purchased this one because I wanted a less expensive vitamin C serum to travel with, it was also on sale on Amazon.  Heaven forbid my $80 bottle of vitamin C serum got lost!  I used it a couple of times to see how it preforms and I think you can't go wrong with using some sort of vitamin C on your skin at night.  I don't like using the vitiman C products on my skin in the mornings because they are a little sticky and I feel it won't mix well with the oil free primers I use underneath my foundations.

Tretinin  0.025% Cream
 I have been using some form of retinols for 30+ years. When I was younger I used straight Retin A which, in my opinion, is slightly stronger than the Tretinin cream.  I no longer have acne thanks to menopause, so I use it for a different reason now.  I use it primarily to keep my skin tight and free from lines and wrinkles.  I feel that Tretinin is a necessity as part of my skin care routine and now that I can buy it without a prescription... game on!

Ultraquin 4% Hydroquione Cream / $27.95
Ultraquin is equivalent to prescription strength Soliquin Forte but it is available without a prescription. To keep my complexion clear of dark spots, I use this regularly and have been using this for about 30+ years also. A little drop is all I use mixed with a little drop of Tretinin and Vitamin C.  I mix the three together and apply all at once to my face and neck.  I do not use any other products on my face when I use these three items. 

Tri-Luma is a prescription strength melanin blocking cream that lighten damaged skin caused by severe cuts, burns, acne or even melasma.  I begin using Tri-Luma to fade the scars from my tummytuck and breastlift surgeries because those scars were very dark and permanent.  I also used it to lighten my elbows, knees and the back of my heels.  

Exclusive Whitening Serum by Fair & White $27.50
I've been using Fair & White Serum for about 3yrs now to even out my complexion but specifically the dark areas around my eyes (top and bottom).  AA skin darkens naturally in these areas as melanin increases to protect the areas from the harsh sun rays. Initially, I started out mixing a few drops in my eye cream at night, I would then apply the cream all around my eyes (top and bottom) .... want more  Click here to read my full review dated Oct 2014.

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by me. Links are provided for convenience!


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