Lifestyle ~ 6 Month Post-op from Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) + Video

I'm 4 days away from my 6mo surgery date which was April 28th so technically i'm 6mos post-op.  My eyes have settled really well and i'm very pleased with everything.  I still have a noticeable scar on my right eyelid that bothers me every time I apply makeup.  It just reminds me that this wasn't a perfect surgery. But as far as my eyes being symmetrical and even, i'll say that they're pretty much on point.... at least I have no complaints.  I'll always have a smaller right eye due to a childhood injury (yes I was hit in the eye with a hard ball), but my eyes are even as far as length and width.

 I absolutely love my eyes.  I can see so much better and even though eyelid surgery doesn't correct vision, my eyes are wider and it makes my vision a little more clearer... especially in my right eye.  I still would like to have my eyebrows lifted in the next few years.  There's only so much skin that they will remove on the eyelids in fear of lawsuits, so they recommend having a browlift in the future to lift the skin around the eyes even more.  As you can see, my eyebrows are tattooed because I have eyebrow alopecia. I would love to have the tattoos removed (cut out) and either have a brow transplant directly over the incision (humm I wonder how much this would cost) or have them re-tattooed with the newest techniques that strokes the brows.

I have learned to live with and conceal the scar over my right eye (left in photo) with makeup and concealer.  People say that they can hardly see it but I see it every day and it still bothers me for some reason..... that's the 50-50 chance ethnic skin has of scaring.


I went to the Vanity Planet Blogger Appreciation Luncheon today and below is what I wore, my hair and makeup.

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