Beauty ~ Venus White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit

Venus White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit

My first foray into teeth whiteners was quite awhile back.  I was getting them professionally whitened at a salon.  But since my early retirement, I begin researching teeth whitening systems on my own to see what worked best for me.  I was using Rembrandt Whitening Strips for a long while because they're very easy and quite effective over a period of time... but you have to keep using them daily to keep the results pleasing.  Then I tried the Venue White Touch Up Brush and reviewed it back in Feb 2014.  It worked really well and was quite effective and easy to use. But over the long haul, it became quite expensive because one pen cost around $25 and it preformed about the same as the Rembrandt Whitening Strips.  

Venus White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit

Between 2014 and now, I broke down and ordered some custom teeth whitening molds from my dentist.  My entire set cost $350 and they're supposed to last a lifetime.... we'll have to see about that but for now, this is what i'm using. The set came with the Venus White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit and they had already placed my molds neatly into the storage case for me.  I did some research and you can find a similar kit (without the molds) here.  Once you have the trays, you can actually find various refill vials all over the internet in different brands.... I guess the money comes when you have to actually order the custom molds.

Venus White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit

Disclaimer:  I purchased this product myself through my Dental office.

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  1. I went to my orthodontist who made my teeth retainer and sold me this whitening syringe. It's worked and I love the result.