Lifestyle ~ 6 Weeks Post-op + Video Update #blepharophasty #eyelidsurgery

Time is moving so slowly, my surgery was April 27th but it seems so long ago. I've been doing a lot of comparison photos lately just to see how much of a difference there is.  I have noticed that my right eye is forming a crease.  This is helping to open it up a little.  I had my six week post-op appt today and I had another round of steroid injections directly into the scar on the right eyelid.  I won't notice how well this round will work until after a week or so.  I'm still using the Mepitac tape over the scar every night to apply the pressure to it.  Today was the first time that I really wore makeup on the eyelids.  They are still numb especially the eyelashes, they just don't know which way they want to go.. up, down or sideways.

I'm still swollen in both eyelids, they say the swelling & numbness will last for about 3mos. I discussed my concerns with my doctor and he's on board with releasing my files to an oculoplastic  eye surgeon but not until I'm one year post-op.  As you can see in the photo below what i'm dealing with, the non-closure of my right eye which is no joke.  Clearly there was too much skin excised which created the open pocket and the scar.  Makeup barely conceals it because it's still hypertrophic (raised).  I have to tape this eye closed at night with a bandage or else it will drive me nuts with dryness.

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