Lifestyle ~ 5 Weeks Post-Op #blepharoplasty #eyelidsurgery #ethnic #africanamerican

I wanted to post an update for all of you that have been following my journey.  I feel wonderful, I'm able to wear my contacts all day without any dryness or irritation and I'm finally getting a good night's sleep.  I would say that i'm about 75% healed.  I feel some pull when I stretch my eyebrows up moreso on the left than the right, and I still feel some sensitivity if I wipe them too hard. I do have some concerns mainly about my right eye. They're the same concerns that I posted on my last update, not having a fold or crease and the Ptosis, the muscle not being strong enough to hold the lid all the way up.  However, I did post a question on the Realself website along with photos and quite a few of he doctors feel it's an easy fix going underneath the eyelid and not over it.  The recommended waiting 6 months before considering another procedure.

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