Swatches ~ Looking Good and Low Lights Fluidlines from Mac Cosmetics

Looking Good and Low Lights Fluidlines from Mac Cosmetics
New from the Mac Is Beauty collection was the Looking Good Fluidline and the Low Lights Fluidlines (limited editions). Some new and others were re-released from past collections.  There were 16 total and the only two that I didn't have were these two.  I've been collecting MAC fluidlines since the mid 90's when they were first introduced.  I think I have 40 total. In my video "Sneak Peek into my Makeup Drawers" you'll see my Fluidlines and Paintpots which I also collect.

Looking Good Fluidline

Mac Looking Good Fluidline is definitely a one of a kind color mix between a bordeaux and a burgundy with a little shine to make the color pop.  This color definitely has a pigment quality to it and when I first swatched it, it looked exactly like one of my favorite pigments called Accent Red.  I love taking the fluidlines and adding pigments over them to completely change the color of the eyeliner.

Low Lights Fluidline

Mac Low Lights Fluidline is a mixture between a silvery gray and a warm black.  Not your blackest black like Mac Blacktrack and Silver Strokes Fluidlines mixed together, those colors could never create such a contrasting color such as LowLights.  This is a warm silvery black that I would wear in the daytime just to give my lids a hint of color.  It would also make a pretty simple lower lid eyeliner that's not to dramatic or bold.

Looking Good and Low Lights Fluidlines

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