Swatches ~ Dior "The Tie-Dye Summer Collection" Blush in Coral Sunset

 Dior "The Tie-Dye Summer Collection"(limited edition) Blush in Coral Sunset is a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors ranging from corals to oranges with a bright streak of white to give it a little flair. I missed out on the beautiful Dior My Lady blush from the spring collection, as soon as it was released, it sold out pretty fast, so I decided to order this one from Macy's as soon as I saw it online.

Online Description:
Housed in a cannage case, Nude Tan Tie Dye reveals two harmonies of vibrant shades for the cheeks. Four shades in harmonies of pink or coral with hypnotic waves and a sunny glow.  Sweep the face with the dedicated kabuki brush, concentrating on areas naturally warmed by the sun (top of forehead, nose, cheeks).  To sculpt tanned skin tones, a blend of orangey and effervescent coral hues. To brighten light complexions, a gradation of soft pinks and pearly mauve

The The Tie-Dye Summer Collection isn't that vibrant when I swatched it on my arm, as you can see, it barely shows up on my skin.  The colors are also matte so it can't be used as a highlighter either so I will have to build upon the color with a darker color to give it more depth.

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