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Healing Blephroplasty Eyelid Surgery Home Remedies

Below are some of my favorite home remedies and items that I found on the internet that worked well for healing my eyelids after surgery.  As always do your own research to find out what works for you. All these items, you can order online with the exception of the Tri-luma cream which is by prescription only. You can also find an Aloe Vera plant at the Home Depot or any garden shop that sells plants.
Lily Seymour #blepharoplasty #eyelidsurgery
After (left)                          Before (right)

This is a sample of Silagen 100% Pure Silicon Gel that my doctor gave me to try. I have to say that I'm really enjoying using this product and i'm using it every night.  It is a clear gel that applies very smoothly and leaves a matte finish.  To get an idea of what it feels like on the skin, just compare it to any gel makeup primer.  Using this gel gives my eyelids a very smooth appearance and hopefully since it is a 100% pure silicon gel, it will aid in softening the scar tissue underneath the skin.

Silagen 100% Pure Silicone Gel

I started using the Mepitac Silicon Scar Tape almost immediately after my stitches were removed. I read so many great reviews so I had to try it. The tape contains silicon which aids in softening scar tissue and fading scars.  The sticky side of the tape contains the silicon.  I really like that it can be cut to any length or width needed and stays on until you peel it off.  I'm wearing it at night, first I apply my silicon gel and then apply the tape right over the gel. Some people use this for an entire year after any kind of surgeries, I wish I'd known about this when I had my tummytuck and breastlifts.

Mepitac Silicon Scar Tape
One month post-op in the photo above.Mepitac Silicon Scar Tape

This is a sample of Scarfade Scar Gel that the doctor gave me to try.  I have mixed feelings about it.  It's very sticky first of all and even when I wipe the excess off as the directions say, it still remains sticky.  The directions say to apply a small amount directly over the scar, then wipe the excess off.  It also says it can be worn underneath makeup.... but I wouldn't dare try it though. Since I've only tried it a few times, it's definitely not long enough to make an honest decision on how the product would work in the long run.  

Scarfade Scar Gel

I started off using the 3M Steri-Strips at night directly over my scars to put pressure over them to flatten. These doesn't contain any kind of silicon so they are only good for applying pressure over the scar but they don't aid in fading or lightening scars.

3M Steri-Strip R1541

While I was doing on products that contained Silicon I came across Dermatix. I read some review and decided to order these small trial sizes that I found from a seller on eBay.  This is the photo from the seller's store because I haven't received them in the mail yet. Based on the reviews and before and after photos from actual users, I'm willing to give this a try at some point.  Right now i'm using the Silagen Gel day and night and if I don't see the scar flattening, I will move on to this one next.

Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar Treatment

I am no stranger to Tri-Luma and I specifically asked for this cream because I know what works for me. I've used this cream throughout both of my surgeries (Tummy-Tuck & Bi-Lateral Breast Lifts) and in both cases, it lightened my scars tremendously.  Tri-Luma is a prescription strength cream that changes the pigmentation of the area that it us applied to.  So using it directly on the scar it will definitely lighten it.  The outer areas of my scars on my eyelids are already turning dark.  I'm applying it using a toothpick directly on those dark areas and not the entire scar because it doesn't need it.  One tube on Tri-Luma cost $130, but I got a AAA discount that bought it down to $95.  It will last for years if you "refrigerate it as it says on the box, most people miss this part of the instructions.

Tri-Luma Cream

I began using the Arniflora Arnica Gel right out of surgery directly on the bruises underneath the eyes only because it was recommended by my doctor.  I'm still using it and I'm at day 18 post-opt because my bruising hasn't totally went away yet.  Yep... i'm a bruiser.  But it wasn't until I started using this along with the Aloe Vera below, that I started seeing significant changes in the healing process.

Arniflora Arnica Gel

This is my Aloe Vera plant that I've had for about 5yrs now.  I started using this at about day 8 post-opt, after the stitches and bandages were removed.  It so soothing and stops the itching immediately.  I am applying this all around my eyes top and bottom and then applying the Arnica Gel just underneath my eyes on the bruises. When I bought it at the Home Depot, it was about 4" tall and in a small pot.  Over the years I've had to re-pot it twice. My husband won't let me put it into the ground because they grow wild and will take over the yard at some point. It seems to be doing well here so I will keep it in this pot for now.

Aloe Vera Plant

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