Nails ~ Deborah Lippman + OPI = Some Enchanted Evening

Friday nights has always been my night to relax and do my nails.  Since nothing good is on TV, I can sit back relax and polish until my heart's content. My look for this week is Deborah Lippman Some Enchanted Evening glitter polish paired with OPI Aphrodites Pink Nightie.  I actually wore this combination awhile ago but didn't photograph it for some reason.  I tend to repeat my looks quite a bit and that's why I don't have as many nail post as other nail lovers have.

Over my natural nails is three thin coats of ibd builder gel.  I use the gel like others use acrylic.  With gel, it doesn't lift like acrylic does and I find that I can use my electric nail file and file the gel down without destroying my natural nails. I've never completely removed all the gel. I just file it down and reapply a few more thin layers.  To use your regular nail polishes, after curing the gel, just wipe the sticky coat off with alcohol and polish away!

 You can find swatches for a few other of my Deborah Lippman glitter nail polishes in this post.

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