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African American Blepharoplasty
I've decided to document my Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) in two in-depth videos to provide a source of reference for people of color that may be interested in having this type of surgery.  While there is tons of information on this surgery for people of other nationalities, there is only limited amounts of information for people of color.

Our problems aren't addressed from people of other nationalities because they do not suffer from melanin related skin issues.  People of color are often faced with major concerns when it comes to having any kind of surgical procedure.  Our issues has always been related to deep tissue scarring which leads to keloids and topical scarring. Once a topical scar forms, it almost always leads to a dark (almost black) permanent skin discoloration that never fades.

I'm not a stranger to Plastic Surgery and I've always faced these problems, my tummytuck left a dark permanent scar which I had to cover with a tattoo.  I've also had Bi-lateral breast lifts which left scars underneath both breasts.  So hopefully my blog posts and videos will provide a reference for those individuals that are seeking more knowledge.

Video Diary Part 1
Important Questions & Answers

Video Diary Part 2 
Surgery through Day 8

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