Lifestyle ~ African American Women and Plastic Surgery

I don't normally expose too many personal details about myself but since I don't have any real friends to confide in (I know it's sad) I have to write my feelings here on my Blog.  Sometimes I feel a little isolated from other AA women in my age range (55-65) because I'm a little eccentric.  I love beauty, hair and makeup and I've had quite a bit of plastic surgery....  something that's quite taboo for AA women.

Plastic Surgery isn't something you discuss with everyone, especially if you're African American. We grew up thinking it was taboo. My generation of AA women were taught by our mothers to never do anything to alter your looks, accept what God gave you and just be happy and thankful that you're healthy.  So the stigma of having something done weigh heavily in our minds between what we were taught and what would make us happy. Now i'm no stranger to Plastic Surgery... but my venture into it was quite odd.

My introduction into the world of plastic surgery happened during my Flight Attendant career, I flew for 20 years before I retired in 2008.  It all started when I was about 35, I was flying Amsterdam/India routes regularly and flying with a permanent crew of 10 on a Boeing747. There were only two AA FAs (me and another girl) so we became best buds. After we would arrive in India and check into our hotel, most of the other crew members took off running to the spas.  I never really knew what they were doing or what treatments they were having because I wasn't interested... I was busy trying to find Indian Hair so I could bring home and sell.  That was my hustle back then... selling Indian hair.

On one particular trip we had a 72hr layover, I overheard one of the FAs mentioning plastic surgery, she blurted out that she was getting breast implants in India.  I couldn't believe it, I pretended I didn't hear and kept doing what I was doing but couldn't help from thinking.... were they having PS in the spas? I let it go but on the trip home, this one particular FA was MIA for most of the flight. She did the boarding process but didn't work the flight... she was downstairs in the FA bunkers where we slept on our 2hr breaks. When I took my break she was there sleeping and I immediately knew she'd had the procedure.

To make a long story short, I talked to quite a few other FAs that had their breast implants done in India and I decided that I wanted mine done too. So I had my very first plastic surgery procedure in India... breast implants. I did it on a 72hr layover and the crew covered for me just like we did for so many others.

Fast forward, in my early 40's I found a great PS here in Los Angeles where I live, I had a Tummy-tuck, then a few years later I went back for Bi-lateral Breast Lifts, then a few years after that I had Bunion surgery on both feet... something FAs are known for!

Now, at the ripe age of 55 and not having had anything done for over 10yrs, i'm contemplating a facial procedure.  I had a very nice consultation with a board certified PS and received all the information needed to make my decision.  I decided to go for it and my surgery is scheduled for April 27th.... to be continued!

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