Beauty ~ Hourglass Veil Oil Free Mineral Primer Review

Most of the time I don't stray away from the items that I use on my face simply because what has worked for me over the years have kept my over 50+ skin soft, smooth and free of fine lines and wrinkles.  I've been having problems with oils and I'm definitely an all matte girl.  I don't like any oils coming through my makeup and living in Los Angeles that has always been a problem because I have normal to oily skin.  On my quest to find primers that controls oils while providing a matte finish, I came across Hourglass Hourglass Veil Oil Free Mineral Primer and thought I would purchase it. Even though there's a Hourglass flagship store that recently opened in my area, I purchased mine from Sephora so I could get the points. 

Wearing this primer for the first time I loved the feel of my face and how smooth and soft my skin was.  So just to give you a little history of my makeup regimen, I use an anti-aging Serum and an oil free moisturizer underneath my primer and before I apply my makeup.  Because i'm retired and live in a naturally warm climate, I don't feel the need to wear foundation everyday.  However, when I do wear it, I want an oil free and matte finish.  

I used this primer two ways and I really like my results. The first time I used it, I only wore a light setting powder which was the exact color of my complexion.  I like the feel of using a setting powder along with a concealer, this gives my skin a hint of color without the feeling and weight of an extra layer of foundation.  My skin stayed matte all day and I didn't experience any oils penetrating through.  I do like a dewy finish sometimes but that is when i'm mostly wearing a foundation.

The second time I tried the primer with MUFE HD foundation in #175.  This is by far one of my favorite foundations because a little goes a long way.  It's also buildable to full coverage if you need more layers for special occasions.  I only used a slight amount of foundation over the primer and set it with a translucent powder.  I loved how my skin felt lightweight and airless.  I skin became dewy after about 5hrs of wear and there wasn't much creasing in areas around the mouth or forehead which required more powder.  Overall, this primer is a win win for those of you that are searching for a primer that provides oil free coverage and a lasting matte finish. 

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