Lifestyle ~ Himalayan Salt Lamps for Anti-Aging, Healing and Longevity

Himalayan Salt Lamps have been a part of my lifestyle since I started my Spiritual journey in 2008. That was the year that I retired from my 20yr career as a Flight Attendant.  I had been around the world more times than I could remember experiencing more nationalities and religions than I could count, and this experience has left me with a profound quest of wanting to learn more about the one thing that we all had in common..... God.

I purchased my Himalayan Salt Lamps from SpiritualQuest. They have a wide variety of just about every Himalayan Salt Lamp you can imagine.  I didn't order online, rather I went to their warehouse located in Carson, CA to pick them up.  If you ever visit Los Angeles, just give them a call ahead of time and you can go directly to their showroom, that way you can avoid the cost of shipping.

I have an area in my office/makeup room for my "Sacred Center" as I call it.  This is a space set aside where I draw positive energies into from the spiritual practices that I engage in on a daily basis.  My Spiritual practices include yoga, meditation, fung shui and reading spiritual literature.  When I do these practices, i'm sending positive energy into that space allowing it to become a sacred center for healing and prayer.

Everything on my table has a special meaning.  The oil burners allow me to fragrance my room with beautiful aromatherapy oils for various sentiments.  Sometimes I may have a cold and I burn eucalyptus oils, sometimes I may have a hard time sleeping and I burn soothing oils... there's a variety of oils for just about every ailment and purpose that you intend them for. I have Angel and Oracle cards that I pull on occasion, I photograph the card and share it on social media along with the meaning of that card. I have an Incense holder and a bowl that I use to burn the herb Sage. Sage is very powerful and gets rid of all the negative energies present in the home.  Lastly, I have a crystal sitting on top of an oil burner, that was given to me to me.  This is set outside my home in a special area to get recharged when there is a full moon.
I am a certified Reiki healer, I received this certification from a Spiritual Practitioner that had also been trained and certified in Reiki healing through her Guru. I received the activation which allows me to send Reiki healings to anyone anywhere in the world. Reiki is a powerful healing energy that is sent out during my prayer or meditation sessions. I also work with Oracle Cards. Working with Oracle Cards allows me to receive messages from Angel Guides. Whenever I send a healing, I ask the Angels if they have a message for you... i'm directed to a certain stack of cards and I shuffle them (not necessary) and then I pull a card.... I photograph the card and the message and send it to your email addy.  I've been amazed at the responses I receive back.... how the messages addressed certain situations in someone's life.
These are the Himalayan Salt Lamps that I own.  I also own a package of salt rocks that are used in various ways but mostly for soaking in the bathtub.  You place them around you in the bathtub and allow the salt to penetrate the water for healing purposes.  The healing properties from salt rocks is much more powerful than Epson salt of any other salts used for soaking.  Another way to use them is to heat them up in the microwave and lay them on parts of the body that is in pain.

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