Beauty ~ Simple Human 6.5" Mirror Review + Video

Simple Human Mirror 6.5X

I am so in love with this Simple Human Mirror which I purchased directly from their website.  After watching a few Youtube videos and reading about it online, I decided to take the plunge.  It's small, seamless, elegant and very very bright.  I ordered the 6.5 inch mirror that comes with 7x magnification.

Watch my YouTube Video below for all the juicy details!

This mirror was very hard to photograph only because I didn't want my reflection showing through.  The mirror comes in three sizes, 8 inch, 6.5 inch and 5 inch.  The smaller the mirror, the larger the magnification. The 5 inch mirror comes with 10x magification, the 6.5 inch (which I have) comes with 7x magnification and the 8 inch mirror comes with 5x magnification.  

 Simple Human 6.5" Mirror

The 8 inch mirror was very large, it was the same size as the mirror I was currently using from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I have a mirror on my wall right above my vanity so I really didn't need the larger size.  I would have preferred having a 10x magnification but I didn't want to go with the smallest size.  

 Simple Human 6.5" Mirror

The luminosity is amazing!  It is bright enough to do your makeup without having any extra light.  I like a lot of light so I have two additional lights on each side of my vanity providing me with enough light to film videos if I choose to.  Just the light alone is not enough light to film with, you will definitely need extra lighting for filming.

 Simple Human 6.5" Mirror

The mirror comes with a charger that has a USB end that plugs into a power adapter, it can also be charged directly into a USB port.  The instructions says that the mirror holds up to 5 weeks on one charge.  My charge only lasted one week before the sensor around the stem at the bottom of the mirror started blinking on and off in red.

 Simple Human 6.5" Mirror
Disclaimer:  All items purchased by me!

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