Lifestyle ~ Makeup/Office Room Tour w/ DYI Upholstery Projects

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day! If you've been following my Blog and YouTube channel, then you know that I've been remodeling this room for a more cozier spiritual vibe.  Now that I have completed all of the upholstery items, I wanted to bring you photos of everything in one Blog post.


 My aura is jeweltones and that has come from my many years of traveling to India when I was a flight attendant, Amsterdam to India was my normal route for over 5yrs.  While there, I brought back so much fabric, trims, shawls, throws and pillows to fill my entire home and them some.  I gave so much away as gifts but I kept a lot of the fabric for myself.

Having this ottoman recovered was like a dream come true.  The ottoman actually cost $200 and I've had it for about 3yrs now.  The cost to have it recovered was $170, I left a $20 tip because he did it in a week. I do plan on finding a throw in either solid gold, rust or burgundy to throw over it because I do sit on it and eat quite frequently and I just don't want anything to spill on this fabric.  I glued some of the leftover trim around the bottom to give it a little more flare. 

To recover the lamp shades I didn't make any kind of pattern, I just rolled the shade along the fabric and traced out the sides as I rolled it using a fabric chalk.  Then I cut out the fabric along the lines that I traced and used a spray glue to adhere the fabric to the lamp.  I used my glue gun to attach the trim around the top and the bottom.  The trim across the top is actually folded into the lamp, that was the only way I could attach it without cutting the fringes off.  Usually when you cut the fringes, you have to dot each one with glue to keep it from unraveling and I was too lazy to do that.... so I turned it upside down.

I also recovered the stool myself, it was very easy to do.  I didn't remove the old fabric I just use my electric stapler and stapled the new fabric over the old.  I also made a shawl to cover the stool which is shown in the photo above with the ottoman.

Below is the valance that I made to match everything.  I didn't use a pattern for this either, I'm pretty much a seamstress and have been sewing since I was 10yrs old so some things just come natural.

This chair came with my dining room set. The set came with 8 chairs and two removable leafs, we only use 6 chairs and one leaf and the rest we stored in our attic.  I took it down and polished it and recovered the seat cushion. I made a pillow with the leftover scrap fabric. I didn't have any trim left to add to make it a little more decorative... oh well! 


I use these very beautiful cherry/mahogany storage cabinets that I bought from Home Decorators. I bought one 14-drawer and two 6-drawer cabinets.  I bought my vanity from a seller on Craigslist for $100 and it was in very good condition. I also bought my jewelry cabinet from a seller on Craigslist for $300, it was also in very good condition.  On top of my jewelry cabinet is a perfume stand that I made from two glass serving trays and a large two-part candle vase.  I watched a few YT videos on how to make it and bought a glue gun and made one for myself.  

Below is an unboxing video that I made of the tall 14-drawer storage cabinet.

Various sizes of the Stanton storage cabinets from Home Decorators.

I hope you've enjoyed this Blog post of everything included in my makeup room / office!

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