Swatches ~ MAC Dark Majesty and Gentrified Fluidlines

MAC Dark Majesty and Gentrified Fluidlines are truly some gorgeous Fluidlines from Mac Cosmetics and are both limited editions.  What you should know is that these Fluidlines can be used as bases to compliment your eyeshadows and to keep them from creasing.  I have been collecting all of the Fluidlines for about 10 years and have all of them in my collection.

 Dark Majesty is certainly not anything special, it's a mixture between black and silver and can be achieved by mixing any grey and black Fluidline together to create this color. This color is discontinued but you can find similar here.

Gentrified is such a unique color, it has iridescent gold sparkles throughout product and gives off a monochrome look on the eyelid. I paired it with Mac Copperthorne Fluidline to add a little more sparkle on the lids and bring out the gold a little more. This color is no longer available but you can find similar here.

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