Swatches ~ Eyeshadow Comparisons between Sugarpill, MUFE & Sephora

Red Eyeshadows

Somehow during the last year I fell in love with wearing red eyeshadows underneath certain colors to bring out a different ambiance or variation in the eyeshadows.  My favorite way to wear them is underneath certain Mac pigments such as Rose and Heritage Rouge pigments. The colors are to die for and I just love how it looks on my lids.

Red Eyeshadows

So far in my collection I have two by Sugarpill and one by MUFE.  Makeup Geek (MUG) has one that I'm going to get called Poison which I will add to this post and I think Urban Decay has one also that I've seen.  So me collection will continue to grow and i'll continue to alter this post as my go-to list for red eyeshadows.

Sugarpill @#$%!
Sugarpill @#$%! Eyeshadow

Sugarpill @#$%! has silver sparkles contained throughout the product which makes it hard to layer other eyeshadows on top.  this would be a great shadow to use over a cream eyeshadow base because the red isn't that pigmented.  I had to swatch several times for it to become darker.

MUFE Artist Eyeshadow ME-744
MUFE ME-744 Artist Eyeshadow

MUFE Artist Eyeshadow ME-744 I would compare to a veluxe pearl eyeshadow by MAC.  It applies very soft and concentrated. While it isn't a matte eyeshadow it can be effective as a base color that you can build upon or layer.

Sugarpll Love+
Sugarpill Love + Eyeshadow

Sugarpll Love+ is the bomb diggity! It is a totally matte eyeshadow that has pigmentation beyond belief.  One swatch is all you need but you can layer it to become darker if necessary.  I use this over my brown eyeshadows to make them appear rust in color.  I also use this on my eyebrows to give them an ombre red brown effect.  I saw it used in a video and have been coping it ever since.  

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