Beauty ~ My Favorite 20 Most Reached For Products in 2014 + Video

All Time Favorite Products for 2014

This was a hard post to write but I was able to narrow it down according to how many times I've used each product throughout the year. These products have become my staples and the basically travel with me if I leave town. All of these products are reviewed below with the links attached for reference.

Enjoy the Video Slideshow!

Had a duochrome pink/purple effect on me. It's very matte which allows me to apply my favorite lip-gloss over for instant shine.

Chanel Glossimer Lip Gloss 149 Nakkar
Contains small particle of shimmers with a hint of pink which gives my lips instant shine. This is always in my purse and I have a backup for when I finish this one.

Is my favorite go-to blush for everyday use. It's applies silky smooth and looks coral/orange on my brown skin.

Facial Flex Ultra The All Natural Face Lift
I keep this product on my nightstand and use it once I get into bed. I do 200 reps each night resting after every 50.  I have noticed since i've been using it that my chin area has lifted and the lines around my mouth has disappeared.

Lorac Front of The LinePro Liquid Eyeliner in Black
I never have to worry about a precision line on my hooded eyelids.  Even creating a winged eyeliner is effortless with this eyeliner.

These are my two staples for my no-makeup makeup look.  One to Watch has a little shimmer so I use it as my highlighter and Uninterrupted is pure matte and I use it as my transition color.

This is my go-to quad for creating my neutral looks.  I use every color except for the deep brown color, it's so dark that it looks black on my brown skin and gives me a dark smokey eye look.  

My favorite color by far is Tawny, I use other colors such as Copper and Warm Brown but Tawny is my favorite color all around. Fashion Fair has the best colors for brown skin tones.

I absolutely love all my Urban Decay eye pencils.  They are unlike any others I've ever tried. The shimmers and iridescent properties contained within these pencils gives them an A+ in my book. 

I have been using this mask once a week for the last year.  I also use various other masks along with this one to keep my skin soft, silky and wrinkle free.  Yes ladies... I mask 2 - 3 times a week!

This concentrated gel primes the skin, immediately smoothing the appearance of fine lines and visibly minimizing the size of deep wrinkles over time.
I noticed a few things immediately. First, my large pores were closing up, second, the lines in my forehead were disappearing and lastly, the skin around my eyes became slightly tighter.

Deborah Lippmann GlitterNail Polishes Swatches
Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are quite expensive and whenever given the chance, I always ask for them as gifts.  I'm trying to collect all of her glitter because they're just so awesome.

Victor & RolfFlowerbomb Eau De Parfum
I first received this small sample then I was hooked, it is just so soft and romantic that I can't seem to stop wearing it.... I dab a little on every morning!

I have been using this around my eyes every night for about 2yrs now.  It lightens up the eye areas and keeps the skin very tight in my opinion, I do not have any wrinkles around my eyes.

NARS Pro-PrimeSmudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base
I also had a small sample of this product and loved it so much that I purchased the full size product.  It's very effective and I never experience any creasing whatsoever.

Whenever I do an eye look for a blog post or whenever I go out for a date night, I always use about 5 of these on the outer corner of my eyes for a more dramatic look.

Custom Hand Ventilated Lace Front Wig by WigWeaves
My beautiful wig that I've been wearing everyday since I made it. It took me a year to ventilate the single strands but it was well worth it!

I bought this around the middle of summer and have been drinking one to two cups per day.  It's the most effective die tea I've tried and boy have I tried a lot!


Tom Ford Lips & Boys Miniature Lipsticks
I had to slip these in because I know they will all become my favorites and will be using them as much as I can because they're so adorable!

Prada Saffiano Lux Tote
My Christmas gift for 2014 was this beautiful luxurious purse... I've been carrying it everyday and absolutely love it.

Louis Vuitton Luxury GoldSpec Sunglasses
Another beautiful gift that I received that I absolutely love.

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