Beauty ~ Michael Kors Signature Perfume

Michael Kors Signature Perfume

It's something that I wouldn't wear everyday and in all actuality, it's more of a summer fragrance because of the floral scent contained throughout the notes. I found this detailed Internet description below:
Detailed Internet DescriptionA sophisticated and sensual fragrance, this eau de parfum from Michael Kors is a traditional yet exotic scent combining delicious notes reminiscent of glamorous locations around the world.
The top notes present a mix of delicate florals and sweet spices, with dewy freesia and Moroccan incense evoking images of St. Barth's, Hawaii and Marrakech.
The journey continues to fast-paced London, New York and Beverley Hills with aromatic floral accords of tuberose, blue orris, white wings peony and arum lilies. Finally, you are transported to St. Tropez and Palm Beach, where cashmere woods, rich musk and vetiver base notes conjure up the glamorous nightlife.

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