Lifestyle ~ Stanton Mahogany Storage Cabinets for Makeup Organization

I recently decided to replace everything in my makeup/office with mahogany furniture so that everything looks more formal. Initially on each side of my makeup table were two silver Helmer's that I purchased awhile back from Ikea, but due to my huge (not massive) makeup collection, I definitely needed more storage. There wasn't many options for mahogany storage but I came across these beautiful Stanton storage cabinets online that came in multiple colors.... black, white, cherry, antique grey and chestnut.

Stanton  Mahogany Storage Cabinets

These Stanton Mahogany Storage Cabinets were the perfect choice for my needs. I had a hard time trying to select the perfect sizes for my needs because there's so many shapes and sizes to chose from. Finally after several days of fussing with measurements, I decided to go with one of the 14 drawer cabinets and two of the 6+1 narrow cabinets.

What the collection looks like in White!
Stanton  Mahogany Storage Cabinets

The Paris Lights are wall mounted on the sides of my mirrors, they are from GlamcorTec.  Click here to read my review!

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