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As the end of the year nears, a few of us have gotten together to choose some of our favorite palettes for the holiday season.  For me, I've chosen a several palettes that I have grabbed over and over again throughout the year to create various looks.  While I have a lot of palettes, the ones listed below I have used the most because I'm addicted to bright colors.

#1 - Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette
These shadows are very smooth, almost comparable to Mac Velour shadows, whereas if you touch them, you pick up quite a bit of product...... so don't use a heavy hand when you're picking up product for your looks. While swatching, I did experience a minimal amount of fallout, and that was probably because I swiped with my fingers using a heavy touch so I could get a good swatch. The colors does create a more of a smokey eye look so if that's your thing, this palette would definitely work for you.


#2 - Mac The Simpsons - Marge's Extra Ingredients Palette
This limited edition palette is has something for everyone and these colors flow very effortlessly into one another.  I didn't experience any fallout while creating the look below, however, the weren't that pigmented but they are buildable.  I used a Mac paintpot to bring the colors out more a bit more but I avoided packing the shadow on because I do not like the dramatic look.  

#3 - Mac The Simpsons - That Trillion Dollar Look Palette
This is a limited edition palette and if you like smaller palettes, this one was worth collecting.  These colors are stunning and very smooth and easily glides on without effort.  I used a Mac paintpot to bring out the colors without packing them on.  There's an awful lot one can do with this palette once those creative juices start flowing.

#4 - Mac Manish Arora Palette
Mac Manish Arora was a limited edition collection that came out somewhere around 2008 in a beautiful special packaging with rhinestones and embellishments on it.  The makeup world went upside down searching for these items to have and to hold.  Bold, beautiful and vibrant this palette gives you the opportunity to create tons of different looks.

#5 - Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette
 When I want Vampy on top of Vampy this is my all time favorite palette to go to. This palette has everything I've ever wanted and needed.  UD makes my heart go gaga whenever I sit down and open up one of their palettes.  In my opinion, they've only gotten better with their formulas and pigmentation over the years and each new palette offers something greater than the last one.

#6 - Urban Decay Anniversary Palette
This palette was my go to for Vampy looks before the Vice 2 hit the market.  There's some colors that are just too shimmery in this palette for me to wear, however, the darker colors where the ones I gravitated to most often.  This palette didn't disappoint when it came to pigmentation, we all know UD is known for very pigmented eye shadows with staying power for the long haul.


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