Beauty ~ How to Apply Individual Eyelashes Without Using Permanent Adhesive +Video

Individual Eyelashes

I'm moving away from strip eyelashes and trying out the flairs.  Actually, I used to wear them throughout my flight attendant career but I used a permanent adhesive to keep them on for 2 weeks.  Although I love the way the strip eyelashes make the eyes larger and more sultry, they tend to make me look too dramatic. I wanted a way to enhance my natural lashes without feeling like i'm purposely wearing them.

So I had to find a way to apply the individual eyelashes without making them a permanent fixture on my eyes.  Usually they are applied with a permanent adhesive and worn for up to 2 weeks, but I didn't like how they lifted and felt when they were getting old.  So I started applying them with various non-permanent adhesives to see how they held up.

 Individual Eyelashes

I was using the Duo glue for awhile and the problem with that was that it takes up to 20 seconds for each eyelash to become sticky, so applying them took very long.  I had some of the clear glue on hand that I purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply awhile back which I knew dried really fast, and decided to give it a try.  To my surprise, it was very easy and simple!  The minute I applied a dot of glue to the flairs and set it on my lash, it stayed in place it didn't budge.

Furthermore, I use baby oil and a Q-tip to remove my eye makeup at night and they came right off without having to apply any kind of lash remover.  As i'm becoming more comfortable apply them, i've really streamlined the process.  I apply only about 5 lashes to the outer edge of my eyes as the very first step of my makeup process. I've found that applying them at the end makes me a little anxious, so applying them before I start has given me the best results.  Sometimes that's all I do along with my filling in my eyebrows before hitting the gym!

 Individual Eyelashes

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