Fitness | Keeping Weight Loss Under Control with Albolene, Walking, Cycling & Healthy Eating

Albolene, Walking, Cycling & Healthy Eating

When I first started wrapping and walking with Albolene I wrote a very in-depth Blog Post  about my experience, you can read about it HERE.  Ever since then, I've been trying out so many different things but i've always come back to the wrapping and walking.

I went through a period where I was doing extreme juicing for one or two days at a time and that does work, I have lost a ton of weight juicing but it always seemed to creep back on me if I wasn't careful. The problem was, I was still doing some of the things that I needed to change diet wise to keep the weight from returning.  For me, I have to totally watch the carbohydrates that I eat, there's no other way.  My diet now is very structured.  If I want a gourmet meal with all the bell and whistles, then we go out to eat.  But at home, i'm strictly on a very low carbohydrate diet.
 Albolene, Walking, Cycling & Healthy Eating

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For the most part, i'm pretty happy with my size. But if i'm not careful, I'll gain 5lbs in one or two days from eating the wrong things.  Menopause has a way of  keeping things in perspective.  I know that I have no metabolism whatsoever and if i'm not proactive about exercising, the weight will creep back on.  At my highest weight last year I was 151.5. I wasn't a happy camper particularly because I couldn't fit in any of my favorite genes.  I also have breast implants and they were quite large from all the extra fat!

The goal was to get my body to lose weight and slim down naturally by doing a few things:
1) Wrapping with Albolene and using a Neoprene Waist Belt
2) Cutting out carbohydrates
3) Exercising (Walking/Cycling/Yoga)
Albolene, Walking, Cycling & Healthy Eating
I wrapped at least 5 times a week.  Everytime I did any kind of exercise I was wrapped with Albolene. I exercised at least 5 times a week doing one of the three things above.  I also did a lot of reading and started limiting my carbohydrates to no more than 50 grams a day.  That means I wasn't eating hardly anything that contained carbohydrates.

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