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 Truist Skin Care

Truist uses an honest approach to skin care by focusing on your skin's true purpose, which is to keep the healthy moisture in and harmful elements out.  This method allows them to keep the focus on "skin fitness" nourishing the aging skin with all the natural ingredients needed to reach it's full potential.

The Chemist over at the labs of Truist has been working very hard to create a proprietary blend of botanical ingredients, using some of the most effective plant extracts, which are known to hydrate, strengthen and firm the skin to it's natural radiance.  Penetrating through the outer layers of the skin to reach deeply within the skin's inner surfaces, allows the skin to heal from the inside outward resulting in radiating glowing skin.
  All Truist products are: 
* Dermatologist tested * Clinically proven * Hypoallergenic * Safe for fragile, sensitive skin

Truist products does not contain:
* Parabens * Artifical colorants or dyes * Formaldehye donor preservatives * Phthalates

 Truist Skin Care

Truist Calming Cleanser
* Low-foaming
* Removes makeup
* Rinses away cleanly
*Leaves skin soft, moisturized and residue-free

Truist Moisturizing and Strengthening Serum
* Deep hydration to improve skin firmness over time
*Clinically proven to increase skin fitness
* Visibly soothes and strengthens tired skin
* Improves skin's vibrancy
* Silky formula spreads and absorbs evenly

Truist Intensive Overnight Moisturizing Lotion
* Intense hydration helps improve your skin's strength, firmness and elasticity
* Soothes and calms skin
*Nourishes sensitive, fragile skin
*Adds radiance, luminosity, vibrancy and brightness
*Spreads smoothly and absorbs easily

Truist Skin Calming Comfort Serum
* Applies smoothly
* Fast-acting hydration
* Leaves skin visibly soothed

Truist Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
* Removes dead skin without irritation
* Rinses away cleanly
* Reveals vibrant skin
* Leaves skin soft, refreshed and hydrated

Truist Sunscreen Moisturizer
* Broad-Spectrum SPF 30
* Hydrates and nourishes flaky skin
* Adds radiance, luminosity and brightness

Truist Skin Nourishing Body Milk Lotion
* Made for the dry, sensitive skin all over your body
* Absorbs quickly and easily
* Hydration right away and lasts up to 24hrs

Truist One-step Moisturizing and Conditioning Socks
* Infused with a hydrating blend of Truist ingredients
* Clinically proven to soothe and deeply moisturize dry, cracked skin

Truist One-step Moisturizing and Conditioning Gloves
* Moisturizes and soothes uncomfortably dry skin
* Fast-acting relief for rough, callused hands

My Experience Using Truist Skin Care

I received all nine products from the Truist Skin Care brand to try for 30 days. I cleared away all the other products I was using and dedicated myself to Truist.  I wasn't asked to write a review or even take before or after photos, I was only asked to try the products for one full month and report my results via conference call.  But the Blogger in me absolutely had to take before pictures because using any products for a full month you're bound to see results whether good or bad.  So off with camera in hand, I took a ton of before photos at different angles and when the month was up, I took a ton of after photos as well.

 Truist Skin Care 30 Day Results

I take extremely good care of my skin and i'm overly cautious about the products I use, so I actually did my research on these products before I started using them. I felt safe and comfortable knowing that everything I needed to know was right there on the Truist website.

Within the first two weeks I noticed a significant difference. I noticed immediately that my skin appeared tighter and firmer especially around my mouth and chin area.  I really wanted to show you this area in the photos because my skin sags a little and I have very large pores. My large pores were always a problem for me.  As you can see in the photo they appear very minimal. I did have slight acne scaring which had also faded quite a bit.  The positive results were more than I expected and I am extremely happy with the results.  I am still currently using the products and plan on replacing them as needed.

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Disclosure:  I am blogging on behalf of the Truist Skin Care. I have received compensation for my time in addition to sample products for trial and review purposes.  The review and options expressed here are solely mine, and not influenced by the Truist brand.

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