Lifestyle ~ Carefree® Beauty Tips for Staying Fresh all Day! #CarefreeChallenge

Now that i'm retired, my days are very active and full of everything I absolutely love doing, I can't even imagine my life any other way!  Staying fresh once you're older becomes a challenge in so many ways.  As you age, life presents itself with so many unknowns that you have to constantly keep moving and stay active to stay ahead of the aging journey!

As an over 50's Beauty Blogger, I always start my day off sitting at my makeup table.  It's my favorite place in my entire home where I get to play around with beautiful things that I love.  I'm usually creating makeup looks for my Blog or trying out new products sent for review.  Nevertheless, i'm feeling quite fresh because i'm wearing the ultimate leak proof Carefree® Acti-Fresh Body Shape liners.
 I'm approaching age 55 and sometimes I have a problem with leakage, if that happens especially when i'm exercising, I'll just change out my liner for a new fresh one and go about my business. These liners contour to the shape of my body and the sticky tape keeps them in place all day. When i'm doing my daily yoga exercises, I never have to worry about them sliding around or falling down my leg.
When it's not too hot out, I spend hours in my yard gardening and repotting plants. Usually i'm drinking water to stay hydrated while i'm working.  As you age it becomes difficult to hold those muscles so I find myself running into the house to use the restroom.  Thank goodness i'm wearing my Carefree® Acti-Fresh Body Shape liners because if I wasn't.... I'd be changing more than just the liners.
Fun Filled Tips for the Over 50's Diva
*Carry them in your purse at all times, they are wrapped in little tiny packages that can fit in the most obscure places.
*Keep them handy in all the restrooms in your home, you never know when you might have an accident and need one on hand at the spur of the moment.
*Sprinkle your liner with your favorite scented powder before you put it on, it will keep you smelling fresh all day long.
*Here's a tip for the younger generation..... lightly mist your liner with apple cider vinegar and let it air dry overnight, wear it for a few hours the next day and this will keep you free from yeast infections.

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