Beauty ~ Sally Beauty Supply For All My Needs + a $25 Gift Card Giveaway! #SallyBeautyVIP

When it comes to Beauty Supply stores, there's only one that comes to mind and that store is Sally Beauty Supply.  Sally Beauty Supply meets and exceeds all my expectations when it comes products and customer satisfaction.  There are many things I like about them which I've highlighted below.

Variety of Products
I consider Sally Beauty Supply my specialty store when it comes to products I can't otherwise find for my natural hair.  Sure there's tons of products on the market but I need very specific items which I can't always find at other supply stores.  If Sally's is out of stock on certain product that I need, they're sure to let me know when it will be back in stock and available for purchase.

Product Knowledge
A lot of times I have a list already written down of products I need when I arrive but sometimes I make an impromptu stop if i'm in the area.  During those times i'm scratching my head trying to remember what it was I needed.  I could describe the packaging of something I saw in a magazine and what it was used for and low and behold, the sales associate knows exactly what i'm talking about and where to find it on the shelf.

Custom Satisfaction
One of the most important factors when shopping at any store is how I feel when I'm approached by the sales associates.  Every time I walk into Sally's I'm greeted very warm and friendly by their sales associates.  There's a little bell that rings when the door opens which is so cute, it let's them know that someone new is entering and they immediately come to greet us and make us feel welcome. 

Product Returns and Exchanges
On a rare occasion I might have to return or exchange an item because it wasn't what I thought I needed or the product might have been defective.  Only on one occasion I had a rare experience where I had to get the manager involved.  Other than this I have never had any problems returning or exchanging any merchandise.  I wrote about my experience below in the "all sales are final" paragraph

All Sales Are Final
This is an area that I feel is questionable on certain items that are marked "all sales are final." I do understand when merchandise is being discontinued and thus marked down to sell and also on certain nail items for sanitary reasons, but what about regular priced items that are marked as final sales that are defective?

I recently bought a pair of Cuticle Nippers (I call them trimmers) that cost $19.99.  I waited a week before opening the package and when I finally did they were defective, they didn't open or close properly.  When I took them back to the store to exchange them, the sales associate pointed out the red sticker that read "all sales are final."  She informed me that the Manager could only make the decision to exchange them and wouldn't be in until the following day.  So I went back to my car and wrote a little note to the Manager explaining that I didn't live close by and if she could call me letting me know if they were exchangeable.  The very next day the Manager called and told me that they could be exchanged and to bring them in.  I was very elated and happy and right then, Sally's became my go-to store for everything... I mean everything!

Sally Beauty VIP Program
Did you know that Sally Beauty Supply has a VIP Program that anyone can join?  If not, let me tell you a little about it!  The perks of becoming a Sally Beauty VIP Member allows you to receive all sorts of special discounts on regular merchandise as well as monthly discount coupons in the mail.  You'll also receive early notifications of clearance items, special discounts and promotions. Join through the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win an $25 Gift Card to Sally Beauty Supply!


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