Juicing ~ Juicing with a Breville Juicer

Breville Juicer

If there's one item that I purchased in 2013 that changed my life, I would have to say it was my Breville juicer. I actually bought it November 2013 so I haven't had it that long but i've been experimenting with it ever since. 

I initially bought it because I wanted to make fresh orange juice every morning, but I had to learn what other fruits to mix with the oranges to take away the tartness.  I really had to take time and learn all about the nutritional benefits of juicing and how to mix different fruits and vegetables for the maximum results.
I decided to make a video entitled "How the Breville Juicer has Changed my Life" because I like to include my YouTube family in all the things I share here on my Blog.  What I noticed about Youtubes is that they love their platform and rarely switch to Blogs because they're too time consuming to read.

What I shared in the video was that my life is all about juicing and living a healthier lifestyle.  I'm on a liquid diet throughout the day and eat solid foods in the evening.  My dinner consist of soups (which i'm learning how to prepare myself), salads and different kinds of fish. I haven't even made my favorite pasta which is Shrimp Lugini and I love it hot or cold, i'll make it once I've reached my goal weight. My diet is pretty on point because I really want to feel healthier and aging is something I want to do gracefully.

Breville Juicer

I'm married and my husband will not do juicing full time.  He likes the fresh orange juice but he has not attempted to try the "mean green" drinks which I love and make consistently.  He also doesn't cook so he's limited to eating what I cook for dinner. Sometimes he does order take out and bring things home which I don't approve of.  This is where I have to have tons of will power, either I have to commit to the juicing lifestyle and all it entails or just do it halfheartedly which I refuse.  

What are some of your nutritional goals for the New Year?