Organiation ~ Updated Makeup Organization and Storage (Pic Heavy!)

Makeup Organization and StorageHere's some updated images of my makeup area.  There are a few changes from my 2011's Makeup Organization Blog post shown here. I relocated my nail racks and moved everything from one side of the room to the other side. Now my desk and bookcase is next to the window which I prefer because I like feeling the natural breeze while i'm working.

My office not only holds my makeup, it also serves as my photography studio which I talk about in detail here. This room is so multi-functional that if I could fit my exercise bike in here I would.

Makeup Organization and Storage

This is how I store my makeup brushes. I purchased these porcelain eggs all over the US.  I found them all either on Etsy or eBay.  I show them in detail in my Brush Storage Post here.

Makeup Brush Storage

I bought these Black Leatherette Storage cases online 3yrs ago.  I talked about them in detail and listed the website where I bought them from in my 2011 Blog post (link above).  I absolutely love them and the drawers are very deep which you can see if you visit the link above. I actually bought an extra one of each (tall & sideways) just in case I need it.  I could probably store my blushes, foundations, skin finishes and palettes in them but I store those in the silver Helmets because there's more room.

Leatherette Jewelry Storage Cases

Leatherette Jewelry Storage Cases

Leatherette Jewelry Storage Cases

Below is the Helmer, I only took photos of the contents on the right side, the Helmer on the left side contains all hair clips and the bottom two draws contain nail stuff.  As you can see, the drawers are very roomy, you can purchase the metal or plastic trays to organize your stash or just toss them in like I have in a few of mine.

Helmer Storage Cabinets Drawer 1

Helmer Storage Cabinets Drawer 2

Helmer Storage Cabinets Drawer 3

Helmer Storage Cabinets Drawer 4

Helmer Storage Cabinets Drawer 5

Helmer Storage Cabinets Drawer 6

This is where I store all of my accessories. All the drawers are stuffed full but I have close ups of the jewelry Armour here. I used to have an earring carousal sitting on top but I ditched it because I wasn't wearing all that godly jewelry any longer.

Jewelry Armour for Jewelry Storage

My perfume is sitting on top of my Armour on a large circular glass platter.  I have a tall crystal vase that holds all my tiny sample vials, here's some close up photos. I love collecting them and I always try and ask for one or two while i'm out shopping.

Perfume Storage

Do you have pictures of your makeup organization and storage area? If so, post your direct links below so I can check them out!

Makeup Organization and Storage