Nutrition ~ How to Use Rolling Carts for Storing Fruits and Vegetables

I'm very new to juicing and after I purchased my Breville Juicer I immediately wanted some baskets to store my fresh fruit in.  I searched for baskets online, at Pier One Imports, Home Goods and even the Dollar Store, but it was when I walked into Bed Bath Beyond and saw these baskets, I fell in love and had to have them.  They were $7.99 ea and I had my 20% off coupons so I got each of them for $6.39 ea.

I have a fascination with Rolling Carts for some reason.  I wrote an article on Rolling Carts a few weeks ago where I showed you carts ranging from $150 to $500.  I ended up not purchasing any of those carts because I had my eye on this Baker's cart from a different store.  This Baker's cart cost $169 and I ordered it online from Wayfare.

It is the perfect size for my kitchen and I love the antique feel of how it looks.  The wood is a dark oak stain with a high gloss finish, the remainder of the cart is Roth iron and very sturdy. My kitchen cabinets are light oak but my stools are dark oak and I have 8 stools total.   The space between the shelves is large enough to fit even larger baskets than what I have, but these are perfect for my two person family.

How do you store your fruits?  Also, do you juice or maybe have an interest in juicing in the future?