Lifestyle ~ People Magazine VIP Klout Perk #PeopleVIP #Klout

People Magazine VIP Klout Perk #PeopleVIP #Klout

I received a Perk from Klout which was an online magazine subscription to People Magazine VIP which is a separate subscription from the regular People subscription, the VIP subscription is packed with lots of photos and information that gets you in the know before anyone else.

I also won a chance to enter into a drawing for a chance to attend the  OSCARS Red Carped on March 2nd 2014 held in Los Angeles where I live.

Below are some of the items I received in the box with my Klout Perk #PeopleVIP.
#PeopleVIP #Klout
Animal Print Scarf
This scarf was specially created to reflect one of the biggest trends of Fall 2013.  Throw it on with jeans, jackets, casual dresses and longer skirts to add color and texture or to update your look in one easy step.

#PeopleVIP #Klout

Rembrant Intense Stain Dissolving Strips
The strips dissove in just 5-10 minutes and provide visible stain removal in 3 days with 3x daily use.  The system is also targeted to remove tough stains from smoking, coffee and red wine.

#PeopleVIP #Klout

Blue Bangle
A little arm candy! This blue enamel bangle can be worn alone or mixed with some of your favorite bracelets for a mixture of fun and color. 

Washi Tape
Colorful rolls of Japanese tape - a trend that has grown to a national obsession.  Use them to decorate cards, wrap gifts or personalize notebooks or even craft projects.

#PeopleVIP #Klout

Jamberry Nails
Colorful nail strips embellished with animal prints, polka dots, strips, glitter a much more.  These are the one step to a quick and easy manicure lasting up to 10 long days.

Designer Note Cards
Trendy designer notecards says "thank you" in fashion and style to your friends and acquaintances!   

#PeopleVIP #Klout