Beauty ~ How to Keep Your Feet Super Baby Soft During the Winter

Now that it's winter and very cold outside, my feet tends to become very dry and cracked.  Calluses tend to form more quickly and can become very painful if not removed right away.  I thought I would take a moment and share some of my favorite items that I use to keep the bottoms of my feet baby soft.  I probably take care of the bottoms of my feet more than I take care of my nails!

SuperNail Professional Nail File - This is a handheld battery operated nail file that I use to file away the hard calluses on the bottom of my feet.  I like using this method because it's safe and it really works.  When i'm finished filing, there's no calluses left.

SuperNail Professional Nail File and Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone - This is a hand held pumice stone that I bought from my local Drug Store.  I use this after I use the Callus Away to slough off the dead skin.   

Callus Away - I bought this from my local Beauty Supply, I love it and it works exceptionally well.  It's a clear gel and you can't let it touch your fingers, so I use a pair of gloves to apply it to the bottoms of my feet.  You let it sit for about 3 minutes then use the pumice stone to slough off the dead skin.  I can't tell you how soft and smooth your feet will feel after using this Callus Away.

Callus Away

Sage and Shea Foot Butter - I bought this from Macy's and it has lasted a very long time.  I only use this after I have sloughed off all the dead skin from underneath my feet.  I've tried other foot creams but I have always returned to this one because I just love the results. 

Sage and Shea Foot Butter

Kiehl Intense Treatment and Moisturizer -  This is my interim treatment, I use this on my feet at night if I feel my feet needs a little extra moisturizer. 
Kiehl's Intense Treatment and Moisturizer