Blogger ~ Run Your Own Affiliate Marketing Campaigns on Twitter and Make Money!

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter
Someone once asked me how I made money using Twitter. I became very excited to share with them how easy it was to use their Twitter accounts to make money without even having a Blog.  Let me explain how it's done.
  1.  Make sure you have an active Twitter account all set up and ready to go.  
  2. Choose one or two of your favorite affiliate marketing companies to work with, my two favorites are Linkshare and Shareasale.
  3. Join companies that are in your niche.  Make sure they have an extended period of "return days"  If you don't know what that means click here.
  4. Once you have all your companies lined up, you're just about ready to start your Twitter campaigns.
  5. Twitter only allows you 140 characters and this includes your affiliate links.  We all know how long affiliate links are, so you will have to use a service like Itty Bitty URL  to shorten your links.
  6. Once you have your links shortened, go ahead and create some amazing campaigns.  Below are samples of my campaigns: 

Get perfect posture with the Relax the Back Kneeling Chair w/ Memory Foam
Luxury Wallpapers and Accents For Your Home or Office at AHALife online.
Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Hi-Tech - Remote Controlled by Smartphones or Tablets
Free Online Classes at Craftsy's! Make Your Own Decorations for the Holidays -
Double Vision Lens from  as low as $19.99 pair buy online
Juice Beauty Ageless Radiance Kits for flawless skin #anti-aging
Sanitize your cell phones with the Violight Smart Phone Sanitizer a $50.00 value
AHALife Computer/iPad Envelope Sleeves Sexy and Sophisticated $98.00 Value
The Body Shop New Honeymania Collection Free Shipping Use Code: HONEY

This is just a sample of my campaigns, I am probably up to 100 by now. When you click on the links, they either go straight to the online stores or to a Blog post that I wrote.  I'm a Blogger and I like getting creative with photos and text, I think this gives me more of an edge, but I have also made sales with just straight links and no Blog post, so don't get discouraged.  

I try and post 25 a day on Twitter.  But I do post them on my Facebook page as well.  This should give you a general idea of how to get started making money on Twitter.  Be sure and use your links on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and any other sites that takes links.... the more the merrier!  Good luck!