Blogger ~ How To Get Over 2000 Page Views in One Day

Get Over 2000 Page Views in One DayThis is a screenshot of the Overview section of my Blogger panel.  I'm closely monitoring my page views because i'm trying a new strategy on this particular Blog.  I wasn't sure if it was going to work but after closely watching the results over the last week, i'm pretty positive going forward with the changes I've been implementing.  I decided that I wanted to learn the art of Affiliate Marketing so I went to YouTube to search for ways to market products and improve my sales.  After watching quite a few affiliate marketing videos about how to drive sales and writing down my strategy, I began implementing all my changes immediately. 

 Get Over 2000 Page Views in One Day

What I did first was start a new section called "What's New".  I am writing two to three posts a day for this category because I am trying to gear up sales from Affiliate Marketing.  I am creating all beauty related post that are product driven from categories such as lipsticks, blush, nail polish, skincare, etc.  These are categories that i'm passionate about and I can find product information fairly easy.

I am signed up with quite a few affiliate marketing companies, but the key to being successful is to pick "one" company and utilize them to the fullest.  Well I picked two which are Linkshare and Share-a-sale because I have two prominent Blogs and I wanted to use one company for each Blog.  I also had to learn how to use vaious tools such as "deep-linking" which provides direct links to specific products on the Company's website.  There's so many different strategies and all of this I am learning by watching YouTube videos.


 According to the information, the first thing I would notice was a huge increase in Blog traffic.  As long as I was posting new exciting information the traffic would continue to increase.  Next, I would start to experience one or two sales per week.  Well, that's more than I have been experiencing so i'm not complaining at all.  Finally, and over the long haul, as the Blog post start to build shares and come up in search engines, the sales will automatically increase.  So in other words, what i'm doing today, I will benefit from six months from now.

The revenue, in my opinion, may or may not add up to a huge amount since affiliate commissions are anywhere form 5% to 50% of sales.  Most affiliate companies only payout once you've reached a certain dollar amount like $100.00.  These two affiliate companies (Linkshare & Shareasale) only payout $1.00 for affiliate referrals..... so if you click on the links above and sign up, you're buying me a cup of coffee.   However, they do payout more for merchant signups, $150.00 to be exact, and i'm sure that has incouraged many people to hustle a little more when dealing with sponsors.