Blogger ~ How To Get Serious Traffic to Your Blog

How To Get Serious Traffic to Your Blog
There are three major ways to send serious traffic to your Blogs and many Bloggers over look them.  If you've been just focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and overlooking other networking sites, then you're really doing yourself an injustice.  It's very easy to use your sharing icons and ping your post to these three sites and if you do, you will see your traffic increase 100% instantly.

DIGG has been around longer than Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other networking sites on the web.  It is the most popular site for political views and ranks #1 for news and videos.  Besides that, DIGG has categories in just about any subject you can imagine so your post are guaranteed to get read.  DIGG also ranks #9 in Google page ranking so you can tell they get some serious traffic, and if your post happens to end up on their home page, your Blog traffic will triple.

DELICIOUS has almost been around as long as DIGG and they still rank in the top 5 for social networking as well as for news and videos.  Creating a profile on Delicious is free and easy and it keeps your post organized by date.   I have over 3500 post on my Delicious page, that's how long i've been using them. Another thing I like about Delicious is that you can use your link to create a feed for your blog post and it will show all your post in order .  Delicious ranks #8 in Google page ranking.

STUMBLEUPON is another one of my favorites sites to share post on. If you create a profile on StumbleUpon, your personal page looks just like a mini website.  Here's my personal page on StumbleUpon,  you can see how amazing it looks.  The only thing about this site is that it can't be personalized so you probably wouldn't want to use it as a website.  Their concept might be a little hard for some people to understand but it's still worth sharing your post to them everyday if just for safe keeping.  StumbleUpon ranks #9 in Google page ranking.

Once you have started using these three sites and sharing your post, you will start to see a tremendous amount of traffic to your Blog.  On another note, there is a forth networking site that many of you know about which is LinkedIn,  I have to talk about them in an entirely different post because the traffic I get from that site is amazing.  I also want to share with you some of the groups I belong to in LinkedIn and how you can benefit from joining them also.