Blogger ~ October 2013 Earnings from Ads and Affiliate Marketing

I wrote a post at the beginning of October letting you know that I was going to drive traffic to my Blog by promoting products from affiliate marketing sites.  I was going to post two to three products a day and share the posts to all my social networks and other online readers such as Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit. My goals for doing this was to try and increase traffic to my Blogs so that I could improve my Google and Alexa ranking.

The three Blogs that I focused on to increase traffic were my Beauty Blog, my Wigmaking Blog and my Fitness Blog,  so for these three Blogs I picked products that were cost effective, appealing and items that I would actually buy for myself or family.

I am very new to affiliate marketing and I still don't know a lot of things.  I'm learning as I go and hopefully my strategy will improve over time.  While I didn't see much income from affiliate sales, I did notice an increase with Google adsense which is pay-per-click.  I am partnered with Fullscreen through Youtube which is are also pay-per-click, I highly recommend partnering with them if you are eligible for Youtube partnership.

Below where you see (Ads) they are all pay-per-click so you are earning money when someone clicks the ads, you do not make a commissions on any purchases made because you are earning from the clicks.  All the others are affiliates companies or media portals that I have recently joined to help with marketing products or receiving sponsored posts.  I hope this entices you to use your Blog(s) as an opportunity to earn some extra income while helping to increase your Blog traffic.  I should mention that this Blog is receiving 1000 page views per day, the other two are right around the 500 mark.

       October 2013 Earnings
Fun Fierce Fabulous Beauty Over 50
Google (Ads) $123.72
Fullscreen (Youtube Ads) $119.35
Linkshare (Affiliate) $31.43
Shareasale (Affiliate) $16.00
CJ (Affiliate) $4.78
Infolinks (Ads)
Technorati (Ad) $8.19
Social Spark (Media)
Media Net (Ads)
Sverve (Media) $45.00
Ebates (Rebate)
BlogHer (Media)
Moola Moola (Affiliate)
AvantLink (Affiliate)
Logical Media (Media)
Total: $348.47