Swatches ~ Mac Gilt Gourmet Fluidline and My Fluidline Collection

Swatches ~ Mac Gilt Gourmet Fluidline
Mac Gilt Gourmet Fluidline is a deliciously rich vintage gold color with a slight hint of micro shimmers, just enough to wear as an eyeliner giving a very subtle look or use as a shadow base to make any color pop.  However worn, it will definitely cause a stir.  This Fluidline arrived just in time to make it's Fall debut and as I imagined, everyone's already going bananas for it.  I missed the online Indulge Collection launch which this color sold out almost immediately so I had to patiently wait for it to arrive at the counters.

I'm a collector of the Mac Fluidlines and I have all 40 of them.  I started collecting them when I realized how beautifully they glide on over my eyelids and how I could always get such a  precision line with any type of brush I used.

Swatches ~ Mac Gilt Gourmet Fluidline
I took my swatch in natural light without flash using the macro setting on my  Canon t3i.  I was trying to capture the micro-shimmers which doesn't seem like I did a good job, this color is so pretty I actually tried using it on my eyes as a base, then applying Mac Rose Gold pigment over it and the results was stunning.

Swatches ~ Mac Gilt Gourmet Fluidline
This is my collection of Mac Fluidlines there are 40 total from the very first release date sometime back in the early 2000's.  I have one or two that actually dried out and I had to add a  few drops of the Mac liquid mixing medium to make it creamy again. These Fluidlines also make a beautiful base that keeps your shadows from creasing and prolongs the wear of them.  They can become sticky so a light brush stroke is always best.

Here are the colors in alphabet order:
Added Goodness, Ash Violet, Avenue, Blacktrack, Blitz & Glitz, Blue Peep, Brazzy, Catch My Eye, Dark Diversion, Dark Envy, Deleniate, Deliciously Rich, Delphic, Dip Down, Feminine Edge, Frostlite, Gilt Gourmet, Haunting, Iris Eyes, Ivy, Jayeye, Lithograph, Little Black Bow, Local Wares, Microviolet, Midnight Blues, Midnight Snack, New Weed, Nightfish, Non-conformist, Ostentatious, Rich Ground, Royal Wink, Shade, Siahi, Silverstroke, Sweet Sage, Uppity, Waveline, Wholesome