Nails ~ Granddaughter Nail Alert Press-ons

Press-on Tiger NailsOne of the joys of having a granddaughter is that when I keep her I can let her play around in all my goodies... and I certainly have a lot!  When i'm out and about I do like to go to this particular Dollar Store that carries lots of hair and nail goodies.   I always buy lots of things for her to keep at my house, usually hair accessories but lately i've been buying tons of nail stickers and designs for her to play with while she's here.  I bought about 10 different press-on nail designs for her, and yes these were only a $1.00.  I think these lasted for a full hour before they started popping off.  I would never let her use glue or anything that would ruin her nails and she knows these are only for playing with in the house. She's 10yrs old and knows her limits with Grandma.

Press-on Tiger Nails

So everytime she's over i'll feature a new set of press-ons that she choose to play with!