Beauty ~ DazzlePro Advanced GT Sonic Power Toothbrush Review

DazzlePro Advanced GT SonicToothbrush

The Dazzlepro, Available on Amazon! has several key features that are very specific to maintaining the health and wellness of our teeth. It preforms optimally with minimal pressure and effort.  In addition, its time-saving, self cleaning system taps innovative UV technology to sanitize the brush heads in mere minutes, further supporting oral care and product performance.  Safe, effective and extremely easy to use, this tip-of-the-line solution from Dazzlepro puts serious boosts in your brush, helping you look your dazzling best!

Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush Features
Ultimate gum massager
Portable and compact, perfect for home or travel
Ergonomic, lightweight design for ease-of-use
Three brush modes for customizing the experience
Gently brushes hard-to-reach areas for effective hygiene

Self-Cleaning Support Features
UV technology sanitizes toothbrush in seven minutes
Effectively eliminates germs that live and grow on toothbrush
Saves time through quick, automatic cleaning process
No special cleaning products or chemicals needed
DazzlePro Advanced GT SonicToothbrush

Optimal Oral Hygiene Solution Features
Boosts brushing efficiency
Minimizes current/potential oral pain
Improves both acute and chronic systems
"Soft" and "massage" settings, ideal for sensitive gums
Preset to ensure the dentist-recommended, two-minute brushing experience
Built-in brushing indicator prompts users on when to change brushing areas
3 brush heads for multiple users and easily meeting dentist-recommended guidelines for replacing brush heads every 3 months
Helps combat and prevent germs, gum disease, gingivitis and tooth decay
Ideal for use by those suffering from arthritis, carpel tunnel and other inflammatory conditions

DazzlePro Advanced GT SonicToothbrush

What I've Experienced
The bristles are super stiff, now i'm not sure if that's because it's still quite new or if the bristles are made from a very durable fiber.  In any rate, I really liked the stiffness because it gets in-between my teeth without caving in.  The design of the brush is very sleek and easy to handle.  I would say it's the standard size of most electronic tooth brushes i've had in the past.  This set comes with three brush heads which makes it easy for other family members to use.

There are three settings to choose from once you turn on the brush.  I want to make a point that each setting has a different vibration and motion but they are all very powerful.  The first setting is called cleanse.  This is your standard cleansing setting with a moderate circular motion, this was the setting I used every morning.

 At night I played around with the other two settings.  The second setting is called dazzle.  This setting has a higher frequency and a faster circular motion.  I found this setting a little hard to use because it really tickled my gums.  Every time I used this setting my mouth tingled afterwards.  The third setting is called pulse.  This setting has a fast pulsating vibration that reminds you of a drill that would be used at a dental office.  I would imagine that this setting would not be for those with sensitive gums.
DazzlePro Advanced GT SonicToothbrush

The cradle design leaves a question mark in my mind.  The toothbrushes are actually stored in a removable caddy that is safely stored inside the cradle, making it easy and accessible.  I found that it takes up quite a bit of space on my vanity and there's no way around this because it stores the toothbrushes.  Since the only way to charge up the toothbrush is by placing it on the cradle and there's no way to remove the storage, this was the only area I would take points off.

If you are looking for a powerful tooth brush system that has a variety of setting and all the bells and whistles that this system has, this Dazzlepro comes highly recommend.

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