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The Business Side of Blogging
If you ever ask for advice from Deby.... you'd better be prepared for what's forthcoming!  I have been stalking Deby's Blog Moms Makes Money for quite a while now.  I've poured over every inch of her Blog and I always wait patiently for her monthly financial statement.  Yes ladies... she gives her readers a monthly financial report on the income she receives for her blogging efforts right down to last penny.  I'm not talking about hundreds.... I'm talking about thousands.

So I politely got up the courage to send Deby an email asking if she would analyze my Blog, I offered to pay her but she politely declined and asked only that I spread the word about her Blog... and that's exactly what i'm doing.  Okay... Deby's a real sharp shooter so I wanted to include her "analysis" of my Blog below just so you can be prepared if you ever decide to contact her.  I want to note that I'm very thankful for her responses because I really want to start making money and who better to ask than the Queen-B of Blogging!

(The content below is unedited, please excuse any typos, this wasn't supposed to be posted publicly!)

1 – all of your sites and pages are too wide.  I have a wide screen monitor and still I can’t fit the whole page on the screen.  People find this annoying to have to scroll left and right. It seems a bit old fashioned to have a sidebar on either side these days – one is more common.
2 – There isn’t enough white space around the edges.  Every square inch of space is used on the site and its all a bit jarring on the eye.  There is nowhere to rest, breathe, take stock. 
3 – There is too much going on everywhere – I’m not sure where to look, what to do, where I should go, what the most important things are.  No few things have emphasis.  What ONE THING do you want me to do before leaving?
4 – Too many adverts!  If only it was true that if we double the number of adverts, we double our income.  Often the reverse is true – give people too many choices and they won’t make any choice at all.
5 – There is no ABOUT page. Where can I find out more about you?
6 – All of the menu items take you to category pages – so not any new content or new pages.  Do you have any static pages?  Are there any round up pages where I can find a gallery of all of your tutorials or reviews on a particular subject?
7 – When I open the page, all I see is the header and adverts.  No visual of what the content might be about, can’t see a post at all.  Ideally the content should start higher up the page to grab the readers attention.
8 – The content is why people come to your site, but it feels really crowded and overlooked by all the stuff surrounding it.  It actually takes away from your content.
9 – I like that you have a summary of your posts so people have to click through to read more – encourages more page views.
10 – You barely seem to have any engagement on your site – very few comments and followers.  Why do you think this is?
11 – Wow, you post A LOT.  Do your followers get an email every time you post?  Would me me reluctant to sign up.
12 – There is stuff in your sidebars that adds no value to your readers, such as the stat counters, page view etc.  They don’t need to know that – its private.
13 – Nearly all the posts on your front page seem to be product reviews, combine this will all those adverts and it looks like all you want to do for your visitors is sell them something.
14 – Yikes – that tag cloud at the bottom is scary – makes the site look as if it must be so disorganized or you must write on a million different topics.
15 – You have a lot of duplication in your follow buttons and choices.  Again, looks a bit desperate – screams, please be my friend, I’m all alone!  The social media buttons are all you need, everyone knows what they are and how to use them.
16 – Hmm, now actually the Menu items that link to categories are growing on me because it helps me find my way around a little bit.
17 – Do you have a privacy policy hidden anywhere? It’s a requirement for Adsense and must include the right wording and disclosures. If they find you don’t have it, on each site, they will close your Adsense account and refuse to pay out your earnings.
18 – Do you have any favorite products/brands or do you love/(sell?) them all?  Is usually better to concentrate on just a few options and say why these are the best rather than say everything is good – remember too many choices= no choice made.
19 – Do you do any tutorials?  Like make up and things?  These are always really popular on places like Pinterest and can bring you lots of traffic.
20 – Traffic is key.  You need to get numbers to earn from advertising, both Adsense and direct sales.  Consider a bit of a revamp then a big campaign to bring new readers to your site.