Beauty ~ Shiseido Ibuki Skin Care Mini Sampler Set

Shiseido Ibuki Skin Care Mini Sampler Set

Are you a Shiseido Lover? If so you might want to head on over to Macy's and pick up this $25 mini sample set containing one cleanser, one moisturizer and one toner. I was told by the sales rep that this is a new line that Shiseido is introducing and these products will be available in full size beginning next year. The Ibuki line is geared towards anti-aging, correcting imperfections and resisting future problems that could arise from normal to environmental factors. Let's take a look at each product.
Gentle Cleanser
Net wt.  30mL 1oz

An extra gentle cleanser that lathers to remove impurities and harmful excess sebum without stripping away skin's essential moisture.

Softening Concentrate
30mL 1 Fl oz.

By supplying skin with generous moisture, this deep-infusion formula helps deliver immediate effective ingtredients into the skin for a softer, smoother feel.  Enhances the benefits of the skincare that follows.

Refining Moisturizer
30mL 1Fl oz.

This multi-action formula intensively corrects the appearance of unevenness such as visible pores, breakouts/blemish marks and skin roughness, revealing an incredibly smooth, uniform texture.

Shiseido Ibuki Skin Care Mini Sampler Set

I actually was at the Shiseido counter to purchase something entirely different.  I was looking at a mini sampler set from the Pureness line when this one  caught my eye.  This set was $25 and the Pureness set was $30 so I said to myself, anything from Shiseido is good so why not try something different.   The sales rep told me that this set will last me approx 6 months because a little goes a long way.  Now once I got home, I started thinking 6mos is a long time for any one product let alone a small sampler set..... so the Budgetnista in me is definitely going back to Macy's this week to pick up at least 2 more!

Shiseido Ibuki Skin Care Mini Sampler Set