Beauty ~ Leorex Cosmetics Anti-Wrinkle Booster and Uplifting Moisturizer

Anti-Wrinkle Booster and Uplifting Moisturizer
I have to say that I really enjoy testing new skin care products and bringing my experience to the readers of FFFBO50.  So when I was invited to try samples from the Leorex Cosmetics skin care line, I was very happy to receive them. Having mature skin isn't all pump and circumstance, I have to work twice as hard as a 20yr old and sometimes there's only a slight improvement in the results.  It's the fine lines and signs of aging that always has me on the lookout for leading edge products that minimizes and corrects while providing my skin with ample moisture and nourishment.

Although I'm blessed with a good set of genes, I've been noticing subtle changes in the elasticity and firmness around my jawline and i'm definitely not pleased with it.
 Leorex Anti-Wrinkle Booster and Uplifting Moisturizer

  Leorex Cosmetics is an international based company located in Israel with their products being sold around the world.  Their skin care line consists of boosters, serums, eye gels, cleansers, moisturizers, toners and refining products.  They have products for every skin type with concentrations in several key areas:
* Anti-Aging
* Lifting & Tightening
* Acne & Bleminishes
* Firmness & Elasticity
* Fine Lines & Wrinkles
*Sun Damage
* Cell Restoration
and the list goes on and on!

 Leorex Anti-Wrinkle Booster and Uplifting Moisturizer

The two products that I received were samples of the Anti-Wrinkle Booster and of the Up-Lifting Moisturizer. What the website says:

Anti Wrinkle Booster
Nano Booster creates a silica nanoparticles network, which straightens and reinforces the skin matrix from the outside. Booster protects the skin and improves its appearance. The silica network is designed for slow release of nourishing and moisturizing materials for many hours. The nano particles scavenge free radicals and toxins, mechanically pull and flatten the wrinkles, and improve the skin texture and metabolism. Since it provides an immediate effect, Booster is also highly recommended to be used before special events, for immediate wrinkle appearance reduction and radiant smooth complexion that will last for hours.

Up-Lifting Moisturizer
Includes Leorex Active Structure that physically flattens as it dries, and moving the skin with it, instantly diminishing the apperance of wrinkles and pores. The Multi-Vitamin compound A, C & E creates a protective layer reducing the absorption of oxidants and pollutants, fortifying the skin's natural process of rejuvenation.  Results: The skin looks fresh, smooth and luminous. Visually creates a healthy, glowing complexion with an appearance of balanced radiance and elasticity. 

 Leorex Anti-Wrinkle Booster and Uplifting Moisturizer

 My Experience

I followed the instructions on the brochure that was included with my samples.  There were also specific instructions for the sample packets, which said to shake them vigorously for a few minutes before opening, this was so that the product could liquefy.  I've never really given myself facials at night so I applied these products after my morning wash.  The directions said to apply the booster to slightly wet skin and let sit up to 15 minutes.

I ended up leaving the booster on for 30mins because I was eating breakfast and watching the news and I sort of lost track of time.  Now I think I got above average results.... more like superior because of it!  Since I left it on for so long, it was very hard to wash off, I ended up grabbing my Clarisonic so that the circular motion could do the work instead of me trying to rub it off.  My skin was amazingly tight! I wish that I had put the booster all the way up to my water line, normally I do but I didn't want the photos to reflect my bad habits.

 After I finished rinsing I applied the moisturizer. What I really liked about the moisturizer was that it was very mattifying,  my skin wasn't shiny at all.  I sort of have a problem with moisturizers making my skin too shiny in the mornings. The moisturizer left my skin nice and soft and ready for my primer.  Below is what my skin looks like after I did my makeup.  My skin was glowing and this was really an amazing experience!

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This product was provided for review, all opinion are my own.