Wigmaking ~ Custom U-Part Wig / Virgin Indian Hair

U-Part Wig Virgin Indian Hair by Royal Remy Hair Co.
I don't normally share anything Wigmaking related here on my Beauty Blog because I maintain another Blog solely for Wigmaking at http://www.wigweaves.com. I am a Wig Designer and i've made wigs for women all over the world. This particular U-part wig is for a woman in Brazil.

I use custom wig caps that I had made in China.  These caps come with either a left, center, or right opening.  If I am making a U- part wig where the client leaves out her own hair on the top, I add ventilation around the U-part and down the front about an inch so that it will lay totally flat.

Custom Wig CapsCustom Pre-Made Wig Caps

If I am closing up the part for a full wig, then the opening is replaced with Swiss Lace and ventilated all the way through.
U-Part Wig Virgin Indian Hair by Royal Remy Hair Co.

U-Part Wig Virgin Indian Hair by Royal Remy Hair Co.

She ordered her hair from Royal Remy Hair Co., and had them ship the hair to me.  Below is a photo of the hair I took when it first arrived and sent to the client.  This is pretty normal that most clients have the hair companies ship the hair to me to save on the extra shipping fees.  This hair is breathtakingly beautiful and soft!

Custom U-Part Wig
I'm very pleased that this wig is finally finished and it turned out very beautifully!  This is a U-Part wig where the person would leave their hair out on the top to blend in with the hair.  The top opening is 2x4" which is a standard size wig cap opening.  These are also the caps that I sell on Amazon, you can find the link below:

Virgin Indian Hair by Royal Remy Hair Co.
So I invite you to check out my Wigmaking Blog and also my YouTube Channel to see tons of photos and videos of my work.